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There are many cats that do not find lifting or picking up very relaxing. Some move their front legs back and forth a bit at the idea, others resist by biting or scratching. katten-fotografie Why do cats find it unpleasant to be picked up and can you do something about it?

Cats are flight animals, they run away when they (think they) see danger. A cat therefore always wants solid ground under its four feet. She doesn’t like being picked up because then they lose control. Many cats have negative katten experiences with being picked up. Think about when you pick up a cat. For example: When you put her in her bed to go to the vet or when you want to punish her and grab her by the scruff of the neck.

If you lift kittens correctly from an early age, most cats will allow this later on without any problem. If your cat really hates being picked up, teach her to follow your hand. For example, with a small hand movement (followed by a candy kattenfotografie), you can teach her to climb on a scratching post or to get off your lap or the couch. Incidentally, there are also cats that don’t mind being picked up at all!

Try to get acquainted in advance with the cat you will be photographing. If it is your own cat or that of a friend, you already know the animal, but if you are going to photograph an unknown cat, it is useful if he has seen you before and you are not a stranger with a scary device. Give yourself and the cat time to get to know each other. As mentioned, it can be quite scary for the cat. Strange noises, strange devices and a figure that twists and turns for the perfect shot. By taking it easy, you give the cat a chance to feel comfortable and relax.

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